Simplewall firewall

hi guys

anyone here used simplewall firewall solution.

seems there are a lot of turnkey elements like

  1. Super cool content filtering,

  2. Customized signatures for Intrusion Prevention,

  3. Rule-based allocation of bandwidth based on ”Fixed Split” or ”Percentage Split”,

  4. Site-to-Site VPN client support

and in its configuration - just like untangle.

Tom you must have seen this ---- I know you endorse and use pfsense and untangle … I am just wondering this is any good…?

comparison of simplewall/unstangle/pfsense here

So, nobody uses this appliance? Why?
You don’t have time to try it? You don’t want to invest time on it? This is yet another firewall appliance?

I’m also interested in this product. So let’s discuss about it.

I think everyone goes through research and then they go through trial and error to find an appliance that fits their needs. I’ve had Pfsense for years now and it’s just solid for me and my needs that I don’t really want to be messing around with other firewalls if the one I have works exactly like I want it to with all the features I want.

Is anyone using Simplewall? If so, how does it compare to Pfsense?