Simple FreeNAS Build

I’m going to be quoting a new client a FreeNAS build, it’ll be for simple file sharing and redundancy. They are only using it for sharing documents between users (3-4 users max), so I was thinking of using the following hardware:
Ryzen 3-2200G
16GB DDR4-3000 Memory
Gigabyte B450 MicroATX motherboard
Generic Antec MicroATX Case
HGST 4x1TB HDs for redundant storage.
My cost is around $550. Any recommendations, comments or concerns about using these parts for this build?

Ryzen I have not built any FreeNAS builds but there are a few discussions on that topic over in the “Will It FreeNAS” section of their forums.

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If you are going to build use a server class mother board or just buy a Mini or MiniXL from iXsystems. I would avoid consumer class hardware and bleeding edge.


Those are great and all, but they aren’t in the budget for this particular client. This client is a local government entity and they are only allowed so much per year on technology expenses, so I have to work within those budgets.
I run “consumer” grade hardware for a lot of my clients who can’t afford true, enterprise equipment and it works perfectly fine.
I was also looking at an i3-8100, which would still be plenty of power for simple document transfers.

That would work FreeNAS will want RAM more than CPU power. Yes non ECC will work but there is risk. Curious to know what your system cost will come out to.

I believe it came out to about $550, my cost for the i3 system.

I use I believe it is also opensource. There are many add-ons zfs may be one of them but for simple file sharing I setup raid 1 ext4 volumes.

I agree. If you are in the USA, consider buying a Mini or MiniXL from iXsystems. I think the price is also around 500 to 600 USD. If i am not mistaken.