Signal: We can't include a backdoor in our app for the Australian government

They’re not saying “We won’t” they’re saying “We Can’t”. Doing so would basically undermine their entire business model and make them just like every other SMS app out there.

ZDNet Article

I just recently started using Signal after seeing Tom’s video on it. So far I really like it. Except when my wife texts me back after a couple of hours with “Ok” and I have to ask “Wait, what did I ask?” :rofl:

I loved that the Signal blog post was titled " Setback in the outback" and yes, this will be an issue for tech companies operating in Australia while trying to navigate this new and not so well thought out law.

Also, I have the messages with my wife set to 24 hrs to help keep some context to the conversation.

Are they saying they have a release for the Australian gov’t, and a broken version for the public?

No, they are saying they will not do that.

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