Should we set up a second Google My Business listing aside from our Main Company listing to generate reviews and leads?

I work for an ISP in Richmond, VA. We provide internet and video services for a lot of the MDUs in the Downtown area. Kind of like a privately owned Comcast or Verizon.

I was just transferred to the MSP dept. We provide MSP and also Break Fix services for some of the companies that manage the properties we service and also a few other businesses in the area.

We function pretty much as a completely separate business. Im wondering if we should create our own Google Listing to start generating reviews and leads and what your guy’s thoughts are on this.

We currently have a separate phone number for our dept. which could be on the new Google Listing.

I attached a picture of our current Google Listing for the main company.

If it is kind of a separate business I don’t see why not to do it, it could help clarify things to people looking for it.

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