Should i use USG or USG Pro?


Hello LS Team and Forum Users,

after watching a lot of Videos from your Channel (really Interesting), i ask you this Question

I have to make a decision. What is the better Firewall for a small Hotel.

  • Internet is Cable with 50 / 2 Mbits
  • max Guests (120) and Staff (10) that uses Wlan

For Wlan i woud use the AC Pro with a Unifi 24 Port POE Switch

Best Regards
Stefan from Germany


I think you would be fine with the normal USG. Where it gets tricky is the type of routing, traffic management and throttling you’re doing. If none, you’re fine with a USG, but if that is on the menu, Pro all the way! Hope this helps!


Thanks GateToTheFuture,

i would use the AC Pro for Bandwitdh throttle. I would like to activate the DPI on the UGS.
is the Hardware of the UGS sufficient for handling that (max 130 Users)

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Me personally I would go with the PRO


Thanks for the awnsers

Stefan from Germany


Maybe @LTS_Tom can give a better insight, but I just finished a house install of a 450 mbps connection for a house that will have around 6 to 20 clients, plus some other guests from time to time, and I did a 4 vlan, with 3 of them on wifi, with guest limitation on speed and has DPI enabled, and the USG is running fine, atleast so far.


The AC Pros don’t throttle, however, I think you mean the USG Pro. This is a good choice especially for throttling back your 50/2 connection.