Should i use the Unifi 24 Port POE 250W or 500W

Hello Community,

should i use the 24 POE 250W or 500W for 11 AC Pro and 5 AC Lite ?

Stefan from

250W is more than enough.

Thank you.

Stefan from Germany

I use the 24 port POE 250W with several AP-AC-LRs, edge router x’s, and mesh APs.

Each AP will draw approximately 7W so no need for 500W. 250W of PoE is plenty for 16 APs.

I believe most things that use POE wont be that demanding, still unsure on what you will use but for most regular and unifi stuff 250 should be plenty

Chris from crosstalk solutions have a video about the 24-port switch.

He talks about the 24-ports no POE and the 250W switch.
And that he have not found any usecase for the 500W.


thanks for your suggestions.

I will take the 250W. (and replace the fans)

Thank You
Stefan from germany