Should I route my storage vlan?

General question.

I have my standard LAN running at 1gig (unifi switches) across my home, I also added a MicroTek 10gig switch and want to know if I should route for it or not. Currently, I have a VLAN for it set up in pfsense. The 10gig switch is running off a truck from my gig switch and via vlans I push out the 10gig network as needed.

So, should the 10gig be flat (no router) or continue the way I am currently running? I don’t really care about the storage devices having internet access, I am more concerned about performance.

Also, this is my first post! Happy to be here!


No need to route storage network, just keep it on it’s own VLAN that you define in the switch, no need to define it in the pfsense.

Thanks Tom, so just sorta fake the VLAN id? In my case, just make up a non-used VLAN id, add it to the switch, and just set up statics with the same subnet mask but no gateway?

yes, but technically it’s not fake, it is just not used in pfsense :slight_smile:

Fair enough. Thanks!

All set. :raised_hands: