Shielded Keystone Jacks

What’s your preferred rj45 Shielded keystone jack? I have a project coming up and on one I did before I used monoprice jacks… Will never do that again?

@asdfinit look up Siemon


Looking for shielded jacks.

I ended up ordering 1000 of the cable matters ones here.

Price isn’t that bad when you buy bulk. These are going in a new building at our campus and I’m using cat 6a stp everywhere. We have lots of poe applications and in the future I’d like to be ready for 10GB hardware.

Did a bit if recabling our existing building recently and got a few hundred of the monoprice ones and have had trouble with quite a few so I was just looking for a better alternative. I looked at the tripplite jacks and was going to go with them but they are almost identical to the cablematters jacks just double the price.

Is it standard to use RJ45 shielded jacks for cat6a cables?

For Cat 6a and under, the cable may be unshielded (UTP) or shielded (STP / SSTP / SFTP). With unshielded cables, using shielded connectors offers zero benefit. With shielded cables, you must use shielded connectors otherwise the shield in the cable isn’t grounded and offers much less EMI protection.

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