Shared Storage using Synology for Server VM's

I have a Synology DS1815+ with lots of storage and I would like to set up shared storage that my two Dell servers can access. I know I can create a LUN for each but I would like to create a large LUN that both servers can access at the same time*for running VMs) and when I add more servers they can access the same shared storage LUN. I know some people have done this already I just need a bit of a push in the right direction.

I will be running MS Server 2019 on my servers.

So to recap I want to create some shared storage on the Synology DS1815+ that all my MS 2019 servers can store and run their VM’s in.

Thanks in advance.


If you are using XCP-NG and both hosts are in the same pool then it will work.

I will be running MS Server 2019 on the servers.

I should have put this info in the original post, thanks for catching that.

I have updated the original question.

Thanks Jim

I don’t have any or plan on making any Hyper-V tutorials. Microsoft has documentation here on their system.

Thanks Tom, I appreciate your response to my post.

Thanks Jim

You could do iSCSI from Hyper-V to the Synology how you go about it exactly is all about how you deploy the Hypervisor. If it is your first time you could install the OS via GUI, however I would suggest you learn to do it with a core install (no gui) as it is the proper way to run Hyper-V in an Enterprise.

Also as a side note SMB 3 using RDMA via iWARP is the current best practice with Hyper-V.

Thanks for your response. I have already been able to spin up as many VM’s I have needed but I am trying to runs these in shared storage so I can put ALL VM’s in the same storage area and won’t have to set up a LUN for each server. I will keep looking into this and I appreciate your response. Thanks Jim