Sg3100 one lan per lan port

Hello everyone :smiley:

Do the sg3100 have so that it can do LAN1 port sends out and lan2 sends out

we dont want to have Vlan yet :slight_smile:

I don’t have one of these, but let me ask, how many LANs do you need?

I have 2 (currently) on my self built server, it has an Intel card with 4 ports, each port in use has a different LAN on it (2 LAN and 1 WAN). I also do have separate switches for each LAN, one LAN is production, the other my LAB.

Since this server has 4 on board ports, and the 4 ports from the card, I could have 7 LAN and 1 WAN if I really needed to break things out this way. At the end of the long answer, the software (pfsense) can do this, I’m just not sure about the SG3100 hardware.


I need one Wan and two lan… I know pfsence can do it I got a self built pfsense at home. We will start to deploy negates firewall for our clients at work.

I will ask my boss to order one and see if it can do what we want otherwise we can get a managed switch and segment the lans that way… Tho pref not thr route we want to go but if its needed it’s needed😁

If anyone has the sg3100 please let me know :grin:

If you only need LAN1 and LAN2, use the OPT1 port for LAN2.

Otherwise, you’re going to have to use internal VLANs on the Marvell switch. To be perfectly clear, it’s only using VLANs on the internal switch of the SG-3100 to separate out the 4 LAN ports.