SG-5100 21.05 Upgrade - bricked

Morning All,
Just wanting to get some community feedback on appliance upgrades. Recently decided to upgrade from 21.02 to 21.05. I ensured all packages were up to date, and then took a full backup making sure to not exclude anything.
I used the GUI upgrade feature, which took about 10 minutes to complete - eventually advising that the upgrade was successful and that the system required a restart. This is where it went pear shaped.

Upon restart, the device never came back. I consoled in - and was was faced with a
Boot: /
Curser was flashing - system non respondent.

Rebooted again, and same thing happened. Contacted Netgear support who supplied a link to an image file that I was able to use to rebuild the sg from scratch. All back up and running now, I just want to know how I can prevent this from happening in the future. Has anyone had any experience with this?

Thank you all in advance!

On very rare occasions it does occur. Never had it happen to one of our systems but of note packages should not be updated prior a version upgrade. Also you should always do a pre-upgrade reboot.

Had several reboots and power outages bricked it (2 weeks prior to 21.05). Contacted support to download (usb). The step-by-step online to restore worked perfectly. Would assume same process will work for you

Awesome, thank you Tom!
It has been rock solid again since the upgrade, and now I know for future.
cheers :slight_smile:

Netgate manual suggests removing packages altogether as as a conservative option prior to system upgrade…

This is the process I follow for upgrades on my SG-5100:

Uninstall packages
reboot system
let system settle ~ 15 min
run upgrade from GUI
let system settle ~ 15 min
install packages
reboot system again

No, they do not say you have to remove the packages, they say right in the documentation “Do not upgrade packages before upgrading pfSense® software. Either remove all packages or leave the packages alone before running the update.”