SG-3100 Wireless WAN and Wireless LAN

Hey everyone, trying to mess around with my old 3100 from netgate. I have a need to have a wireless wan and still have wifi access for clients. This is so that these devices can be behind a VPN even though the WAN is an open network. I know the 3100 has two separate slots for wifi cards but I am not sure if both can be used at the same, would anyone know?

I know one card can be used to connect to a wireless wan, but just unsure if I can add a second for the wlan. Also, if anyone knows what cards are compatible it would be a great help so I can purchase a few, both m.2 (e) and the minipcie slot.


They have a few options but I am not sure if they are supported on the ARM versions of the devices. You are better off getting a device that you can connect as a bridge to the WAN.