SG-3100 or SG-2100 for 100+ devices church with streaming

Good morning all, first post in this forum. I’m looking at the SG-3100 for a Church that is having streaming issues during Sunday services. The network is 650 dn and 35 up with a USG as the router with IDS\IPS off. I’m thinking the USG is the bottleneck and we are looking at the SG-3100 or the SG-2100. We use pfSense in our home office so it will be an easy switch. I’m worried that since the SG-3100 came out back in 2017, we will get buyers remorse when the replacement comes out right after we make our purchase. Would you recommend the SG-2100? Would it have enough power to deal with 100 or so total devices, phones, computers and streaming media? We aren’t getting anywhere close to saturating the network bandwidth up or down I’m just concerned that the SG-2100 wont handle the volume of devices any better than the current USG. Thank you for any advise you can provide.

If you check out Netgates site you can see the specs for their devices.

However, you get more for your cash from you might want to inspect them before pulling the trigger.

I’d go with a bigger Netgate hardware or build it myself. For build it myself, I’d probably go with a Supermicro like this or more powerful depending on budget 5019A-FN5T | 1U | SuperServers | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc.
They now have a lot of fanless, half wide, and these full rack mount systems to chose from all the way up to a Xeon processor.

The SG-3100 is faster than the SG-2100. If the budget allows for it the SG-5100 might be even better if they end up with some upgraded speed later. They have this chart here On Premises Firewall Appliances that offers the speed differences.

Thanks for the reply, any issues with end of life on the Netgate Appliances? I’m assuming the Community edition will still work long after the plus version is no longer supported on the 3100. I just got the approval to buy the SG-3100, the SG-5100 was too much for them.

They offer really long life cycles on their products.

Last question…Besides extra log file and package storage is there any need to get the SG-3100 32 GB over the 8GB? I don’t remember seeing which models you purchased or use in your YouTube videos.

You produce a ton of great content. Being a Linux user since the early 90s we really appreciate all that you do for the Linux\Unix community.

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Nope, just log storage or maybe in the future there could be a larger package.

OK, we will get the 32 GB, any affiliate codes to get you a kickback? I see Netgate under your affiliates but no code or noticeable URL change after clicking the link.

Nope, they don’t do affiliate codes.