SG-2100 Getting VLAN's to work

I’ve looked at a couple other posts regarding VLAN’s but nothing seams to directly relate to what I am doing. I have the SG2100. I’ve set up my LAN to and created a rule to allow all traffic for now just to make sure things are working. Port 1, 2, and 3 on the sg2100 are all configured for the VLAN 1 default network. In other words the I was able to follow some documentation to set up Port 4 on the SG2100 as an isolated VLAN, I can plug into this port and get and ip etc. All that working good. Now I would like to set up another VLAN that is connected to port 1. Just to clarify, my sg2100 connects to a managed switch so I plan to set up port 1 of the sg2100 as a trunk port to my managed switch. I can’t figure out how to set up a single port that will pass traffic for 2 VLAN’s

Nevermind. The managed switch I was using apparently required a reboot to make the changes.

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