SG-1100 WAN Troubleshooting

I’ve got a sg-1100 that I’ve been trying to set up, but I’m failing miserably. Accessing and setting up via the web UI seems to work, but access to the WAN seems to be limited.

I’ve got the default rules on both the WAN and LAN (via the setup wizard).

I’m not sure how to figure out what’s going on. Advice would be appreciated.

When I ping using the diagnostics tool where the interface is set to automatic, It times out.
When I ping using the diagnostics tool where I set the interface to WAN, it immediately pings.

So it’s like the firewall doesn’t know how to see internet traffic and route it to WAN. I’m stumped.

I wasn’t able to figure out what was happening with it. I factory reset it and set it up again and everything is working perfectly.