SG-1100 adequate for 25/10 mbit VPN?

Hey all,

I was thinking I could build a VPN to another home (at my wife’s mother’s) to backup some important files on a daily basis. The idea is to set up a basic pfSense box at the remote location and create the VPN from a local pfSense box to that remote pfSense box. I get to control the remote firewall as a bonus as there are frequent problems with the one she got from the ISP.

The remote connecetion is 25/10 mbit, which is more than adequate for her needs as she only uses an iPad for email and facetime sessions.

There is an SG-1100 on sale now that I could pick up used for about a 100. Would you agree that this box is adequate for that single 25mbit VPN?

Thanks, Pete


More than good enough for what you are looking at.

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