SFP VDSL2 integration

Hello Dear Team

I was following your channel for some time now and after I have seen the PFsense video I got motivated to try it myself.
I have a Fujitsu futro s930 as a unit where I want to add a second network card on the PCI-e slot over a riser card.
At the moment I have a VDSL2 connection for my internet and I will like to use an SFP VDLS2 with a multi-port SFP PCI-e x4 card so I can use the other SFP port later in my configuration.
I have managed to find some VDSL2 SFP modules but I could not find any PCI-e x4 card that supports the modules.

If you have any pieces of information that can guide me on my PFsense path I will apreciated.


Thanks for joining the forums, but I have never looked into VDSL2 connections so not sure where to point you. You may want to try the pfsense forums.

My question is more related to what PCI-e x4 card to buy as I could not find any informations about this (the VDSL2 SFP module don’t have a clear reference except 180-t vdsl2 SFP)