SFP to SFP+ (1G to 10G) via DAC on Unifi switches

I am wrapping up the parts for my 10G expansion to my network. Just down to cables/adapters for SFP ports.

The one in question I have is, can I connect two switches via SFP and SFP+ via DAC cable?

I have one of the new Unifi Aggregation 8 port 10G switches. I will be connecting it to an SFP port on my older 24 port POE Unifi switch. Will the connection automatically connect at 1G or will I need to manually setup the connection? Or, will I need to use fiber/RJ45 adapters instead of DAC to drop the 10G switch to 1G on that connection? All other connections off the 10G switch will be to other 10G devices, so no issues there. Just that one connection is a concern. I have seen with some switches you need to manual drop the rate to 1G on SFP+ ports and want to make sure I am getting all the parts I need.

SFP+ will not work in SFP ports. but SFP’s will work in SFP+ ports though. As for the negations speed, usually you have to specify the speed when it’s not the 10G.

There do not seem to be SFP DAC cables, only SFP+. At least that is all I found in a quick search. So, my best option would be getting RJ45 1G adapters and a CAT6 cable to connect the switches?

As for setting up the port speed of the switch, that may take some tinkering. My controller is on a cloud key gen 2 connected to the 24 port switch. That only has 1G on it, so connecting it to the 10G switch directly may not work. I might have to play with it if things do not just work when I fire it up the first time.

Did some more digging and found the Unifi SFP support list. Looks like the UDC cables are certified for SFP and SFP+. So, getting those. If I can not get the controller to adopt through that cable, since the SFP+ side needs manually configuration to 1G, I will try using an SFP RJ45 being used for something else to adopt and config the switch. I have a few of the UDC cables on order now.