SFP+ card for pfSense

They are going to start work this spring on city wide fiber. It sounds like TDS does fiber to the home. If that is the case, it would be nice to have the option to connect it directly to my router. From what I’ve been able to find GPON SFP+ transceivers are not a thing. It also sounds like some cards are picky about what transceivers you use and don’t accept 1G transceivers. I am will probably be adding a 10G switch to my network in the near future as well. So, what I’m wondering is if there is a dual nic card that would work to have a fiber WAN in one port and the 10G switch in the other?

I’ve never tested a mixed transceiver setup like you suggest. However, I do know that the host OS looks at each port like it’s a separate adapter ( to the extent that I had to install drivers for each port of a dual-port card in Windows 10 ) so It’s quite possible such a config would work.

There is a list of cards on the FreeBSD site for networking.

The official Netgate boxes use Intele SFP+