SFP+ Adapter Help

I am 100% new to SFP+, and I realized a server I bought YEARS ago came with what I believe are Connectx-2 cards. I would like to put one in my truenas box and one in my PC to get 10GB direct connection for photo editing and such instead of standard 1gbe LAN.

I have part number 0RT8N1 (MNPA19-XTR I believe) which I believe is a connectx-2, and I am trying to figure out the most affordable way to run ~20 feet of cable from point to point, and determine compatibility.

I think fiber would be best as its thin and can be easily hidden (I know it is more fragile), but I am unsure what ends I would need.

Would these work? Do I want the generic tranciever or the mellanox version?

They should work together, fiber is fine as long as your don’t over bend it.

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I also heard these should work, any opinion for or against?
Finisar FTLX8571D3BCL

You might want to look at twinax (direct attach cable - DAC) cable. No need to figure out fiber connectors and wavelengths. Just plug the cable in at each end. Here is one example: