Setting up Unifi for clients

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I am starting to build small Unifi systems in my area and have created a Digital ocean controller to host everyone. Until now most people have not wanted USGs so it has been easy to adopt everyone to my server through my own network prior to installing.

However when it comes to the USG I’m running into issies, I believe caused by double nat where I can’t adopt it. How does everyone get around this issue so you can adopt the USG using your home/business network. I have an extra ISP router I can put in bridge mode but that means taking my network apart to do it.

Is there a way to keep my network the same, or create through vlans or something, and allow me to adopt and configure clients systems at my own property prior to installation.

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Have you seen this article for the different methods of adoption?

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Thanks for the reply, I ended up sorting it out. Changed my ISP router to a different IP DHCP range to not conflict with the USG and it worked.

Do most people setup a VLAN to configure/adopt new networks for clients prior to install?

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