Setting up Plex on TrueNas Scale

So i know almost no one it testing it probably but i was hoping to get some help. I also know it’s in Alpha but the more i know before its released the sooner i can switch. If you dont know this version is built on Debian and allows GPU passthough to the Docker apps. Like unraid, but I’m trying to do some testing and setting up Plex in TrueNAS Scale trying to get ready to switch over. I was able to get Plex to Install but when I go to the portal it wont let me access it. I logged out of my current Plex server and even used a different email to create a new account. All it says is I can’t access it.

I created a user that has access to the same as the root user for this testing.
The next thing on my list was to get Locast2plex working since it has a nice docker image and if I can the switch will be nice and easy. But I need plex to work first.

I’m not really sure where to go from here.

Any and all help would be great.
I know eventually Tom will do a video on getting apps working and hopefully importing docker images from GitHub

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I was able to get plex running with the official app, but I ran into problems getting it to update. Unfortunately my test box and new server are newer hardware (11th gen for transcoding) and you need a beta version to fix that. If I can figure out a better way to load plex on scale so that I have control over the updates like it seems like we have on core then I’m going to go straight to scale. While it seems like core is the better options for a pure NAS for one thats doing a lot of Plex type functions and running VMs it seems like Scale will be a better option. I’m just debating how much I want to bleed with this new system…