Setting up pfSense & TrueNas to work with NextCloud

Hello, I am new to this group and really looking forward to hearing your advice. Is there a tutorial or step-by-step guide on how to set up pfSense and TrueNas 12 to work with NextCloud? My goal is to be able to access data on my TrueNas server via NextCloud over the internet.

My Set-up:

  • Fibre from street to Sagemcom Home Hub 3000 Fast 5566 Router
  • pfSense SG2100 (32 GB)
  • TrueNas Mini 3.0 x+ running TrueNas 12.0 U8 and NextCloud 12.2-Release
    *FQDN provided by

Any assistance/guidance you can provide is appreciated.

I don’t have a recent video on NextCloud with TrueNAS but I do have a video on HAProx

Thank you for the quick reply, I’ll have a look.


Hi Tom, the video provides great step-by-step guidance on how to set up Let’s Encrypt and HAProxy on pfSense to provide SSL/TSL offloading. I saw another video you did on the Netgate 1100 security gateway, in it you noted the 1100 was great for HAProxy but may not be the best for VPN service. I am still able to return my Netgate 2100, do you have hardware recommendations for a security gateway that offers good performance running pfSense with HAProxy and OpenVPN (or something similar)? My network will typically have 2 to 3 users utilizing VPN for internet access plus another 2 non VPN users on the internal network at any point in time.

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I can’t speak to the performance of the 2100 if all 3 users were on simultaneously with Open VPN with HAProxy. The 3100 is EOL but the new 4100 might be overkill. Then there is the issue of growth. You may want to try an old PC say an I-3 they seem to work well get one with 4-8 gig of RAM and buy an Intel multi port NIC.

Hello g-aitc,
Thank you for the quick reply. Don’t have any old PC’s that I could use. I been looking at the Protectli VP2410-4, what are your thoughts about that device?

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The Protectli line are very solid products can get pricey but worth it. My current pf-Sence 2.5 (have the 2.6 download need to get it done) is running on a HP I3 with 8GB and 2 port Intel 1GbsNIC no issues. Got the PC from a client price zero NIC $30.

Wow, great price for your system. You’ve inspired me to keep looking. Thanks.

Here is a source for your quest: Valerie company located in Florida.

I followed this guide to setup Nextcloud within a TrueNas jail – I’d probably consider running inside docker next time but this guide is really well done:

Thanks Kevdog, I’ll have a look.