Setting up a Unifi Protect system at HOME

Hi, i’ve watched quite a few of your youtube videos, ive thumbed up them all and subscribed.
You’ll see me on there as Spudnaught.

I was probably lucky i watched your video on the Dream machine because i almost purchased it, thinking that i just plug all the cameras in and it powers them all, but i understand now that it’s not really for that.

Can you recommend which switch i need to get in order to power all the cameras and manage them?

I will most likely have 6 cameras (all Ubiquiti ones of course) around my house.

I’m also planning on using an UPS. Have you done any reviews on UPS to use with unifi protect security systems? I just want to have it incase the super rare occurance where the power drops out at home, so the UPS would take over and i wouldnt lose internet and cameras.

If these two questions are something you normally consult on, i will be MORE than happy to pay you for consulting advice to help me set up this security system at home. I’ve already worked out how im going to run all the cables, how im mounting all the cameras etc, and im buying a large box of top quality Ubiquiti cabling made for outdoors (outdoor ethernet cable).

Anyway, i’ll keep checking back here incase any of you guys are able to answer these two questions…

so again they are:

  1. what switch do i need to buy that has POE on the ports so that it powers the cameras over ethernet (or isn’t there such a product?)
  2. Can you guys offer any advice on which UPS to buy (not too concerned about the price, it just has to power the Switch, 6 cameras, my modem and my desktop PC, that’s all).



one thing i just wanted to add…

would this switch do the trick?



A US-8-150W would probably do what you need if you are only connecting 6 cameras and something to record on. For a home system the Cloudkey Gen2+ is a fairly good option and takes advantage of the POE from the switch. If you are plugging other stuff in then the 16 port you linked to is a good bet.

Regarding UPS, the APC ones are generally fairly good something like a APC back-ups 500 (BK500EI) will run that lot for quite a while.

Hi Gareth!
thanks so much for the reply!
So, there’s two different items you mentioned there yeah?
the: ubiquiti-networks-unifi-us16150w-poe-switch-16port-150w
and the

and obviously the UPS.
do you know if anyone else sells the equipment at cheaper prices? I have already bought some mini Flex’s from the USA shop as they were a LOT cheaper there, obviously the links above are to an Australian shop that sells all the Ubiquiti stuff.

Hows this cable? Is this going to be good for the camera signal?

thanks heaps again for the advice, it’s very much appreicated!



Pricing I cant help much with I’m afraid. I’m in the UK and normally buy from but I don’t regularly check prices. Are you in Oz? Maybe there is someone else on the forums based there?

There are two versions of the 16 port switch, the original and the v2
V1: US-16-150W:
V2: USW-16-POE:
4gon have them listed as £222 and £233 ex tax respectively. The V2 is MSRP $300.

The Cloudkey Gen2 Plus is;
Again, 4gon list it at £150 ex tax MSRP is $200

As far as cable goes. I tend to use excel branded cable, no idea if they are UK or international but I budget somewhere around £60 per box for internal and £120 for external grade. Having never used the ubiquiti stuff I can’t really say if it’s any good or not but I would have thought if it meets the standards then it must be ok… ymmv.

Hi Gareth,

this is very helpful thanks.
what type of cable would you use to connect the Cloudkey to the Switch?
Like, a regular ethernet cable or one of those 3GB ones or something?
im not really sure about that type of thing so that’s why im asking.
im going to buy the cloudkey from the USA, have it shipped to my friend in Florida and he’ll mail it to me, even with mailing i’ll save about $50 AUD

No problem.

Standard cat5e / cat6 patch cable from the couldkey to the switch.

Hi Gareth,
you mentioned just using a normal cable to connect the two devices but do i use the SFP port on the swtich to connect the Cloudkey Gen2 Plus?
I just want to be sure im doing it all the right way.

Do i need an item like this to be able to use the SFP ports?


Hey, sorry for the late reply (been busy building a kitchen…)

The G2+ is PoE on a standard Cat5e / Cat6 cable