Setting Static IP on VLan and

Hi there,
im trying to up a truenas server on a vlan that is based from my lan interface with ID 5.
I have am using a netgear GS308E as my switch. (im hoping that is not my issue).
i have set the vlan to use network.
im trying to set up my truenas server to use my dhcp range is
in my netgear switch I have set up the vlan settings to have port assignments for ID1: 1,2,3,5,6,7,5 and then ID5: 1,4.
port 1 is my link to my pfsense router, port 4 is what my truenas is connected to.
my truenas server has been given the dhcp address:
i have the mac address of the truenas server set up as a static entrance on my vlan interface.

however every time i start my nas it automatically get the address from the dhcp server.
i have tried with the dhcp server enabled and disabled.
i have noticed that when i plug my laptop into the same port 4 it also get an address on the network.
im missing something on setting up my vlan but i am lost as to what it is.

any thoughts?
any help would be much appreciated.

this is the network interface on my truenas sever

This is the vlan set up on my pfsense box

So, the issue is that trueNAS got instead of ?

im trying to get truenas on the vlan that is on using the assigned static ip

if you plug a laptop on the same port like the NAS, does the laptop get an ip from the 5 subnet (between 25 and 50)?

no it doesnt. thats whats confusing me as well. i dont know if its my switch isnt as smart as i want it to be or something else

Did you setup the vlans on the pfsense ?

Under VLAN Membership, did you set port 1 as the tagged port and port 4 as the untagged port? Have you also gone under VLAN Configuration and modified the PVID settings? If your netgear switch is right after your pfsense box, then enter the VLAN ID you setup in pfsense for the PVID number for port 4 on your netgear switch.

yes i set up the vlan.
i believe i set it up correctly:

it appears that i am now getting an ip address on another machine connected to that port on the vlan. but there is not internet connection or connection from other networks.

Well you tagged port on your netgear would be the port your pfsense box is connected with. Then your new VLAN tag 5 is you untagged port. Assuming that is what you mean with that you have it setup correctly?

so i was able to tag stuff correctly after @fusioncha0s said leave them untagged for the vlan and its finally working. its amazing! thank you all for the help. i swear i tried that one before but i guess not. just glad its finally working!