Setting first VLANs SG-2100, stuck

My goal to begin is to create a couple of VLANs(corporate and everyone else).

I have followed Lawrence video How To Setup VLANS With pfsense & UniFI. Also how to build for firewall rules for VLANS in pfsense and I’m getting stuck around minute 8:30 when it comes to pings to each of the VLANs. While on the default I can ping the gateway of the newly created VLAN30 but when I configure my PC with a static address I can’t ping or anything else.

I’ve followed the video and looked at other guides but alas my error I think has something to do with where I plug into the SG-2100 switch, none of the SG-2100 LAN ports work when configured with a IP.

I’ve followed the video but when Lawrence changes focus to his and he demonstrates ping to each VLAN, this where I get stuck. Another tutorial on older Netgate equipment suggests I need to edit Interfaces / Switch / [VLANs] but I don’t think this is still a requirement and/or it is not making a difference when I configure it. There is nil documentation on SG-2100 so far that I have found so I thought the existing tutorials are supposed to be accurate for the SG-2100 but I am thinking they are not or I’m just a complete nube who has missed something obvious.

Hardware is SG-2100 and I have a TP link “smart switch” available but I’m not using for this test, I’m just using the four LAN ports of the SG-2100 for now. VLANS are all /24 and firewall rules created as the video suggests. Thanks for any hints.

Pay careful attention to step 15 where it says “Go to Interfaces → Switches.” and make sure you have that setup properly.

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Thank you for replying. Very nice, thank you so much for your help. I followed from step 15 to 26 and it worked. Thumbs Up!

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