Servers for 21" Deep Rack

I am reviewing Server and Storage Setup for an Accounting Office
Currently they use Synology NAS and DC and Remote Desktop Server in AWS

We are reviewing to bring back the Remote Desktop Server on site. The challenge I am facing is that they have a 12 U rack server what is only 22" deep. Which limits the selection of standard rack servers, of HP, Lenovo or Dell

I want to propose a solution with reputable hardware for a hypervisor hosting the DC and RDS and want to replace Synology with a Truenas.

I have a hard time finding finding server what fits in 22" deep rack. Reaching out in this community for suggestions.

PS: I am based in Australia

Do you have SuperMicro there? For most of their servers, they have a short rail kit that I need to buy for all of mine too. Over here that rail kit is around $120usd and then the extra server just hangs out the back. No it isn’t great, but yes it does work. For some of their servers they also have a mid mount to go in the telecom racks, never used them, and hoping I never need to use them.

Alternate is their “desktop” type server cases, I know Dell has a few that stand up and Supermicro has at least one. Not ideal but it might be what you need. I’d guess that HP also has a stand up server too.

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Is it wall mounted or something so you can’t run anything larger? If you have run something really small HP has the microservers. They are OK for a really small office, but no dual power supplies and some of the stuff you typically look for in a server.

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Thanks, I just checked and I can get supermicro here.
That opens up some options.

Thanks I will review the HP Microservers.