Server motherboard for consumer AMD/Intel CPU

Does anyone know if there is any server motherboards that supports consumer AMD/Intel Cpus?

The only ones for consumer AMD are from Asrock Rack - there are literally only three options:

For Intel, nearly any motherboard with the Socket 1151 will take consumer CPUs, because the lowest end Xeon (E-1200 series, E-2100 series, etc) are just i3/i5/i7 with ECC enabled. For example look at the processor compatibility of this motherboard:
My preferred brand for this is Supermicro, however I also have a few Asrock Rack which have been fine.
Edit: Note that the example I gave is one which requires ECC memory, it will not work with non-ECC. Therefore the processor needs to support it. Some (not all) Core i3, Pentium, and Celeron processors support ECC, because the Xeon line doesn’t go that low. It isn’t until Core i5 that they split between consumer and server lines. So if you wanted a server motherboard for an i5 or i7, you either need to find one that has a consumer chipset, or one that allows non-ECC with the server chipset. Companies make those because there are i7 CPUs that are higher clock speed than the fastest Socket 1151 Xeon.

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