Server loses ability to connect to the internet through pfsense

Pfsense newb, Tom has been essential for getting my server and network going. Thank you! But now I’m having issues, months later.

I have a old supermicro server running proxmox and several containers/vm’s. Network setup is comcast router that is operating in normal router mode so the majority of the devices around the house connect to it for wifi etc. In the Comcast modem/router I have a dmz to my pfsense computer. Old dell, only used for pfsense. Then to a switch and from the switch I have my server and also a asus router in ap mode. (eventually I will get real AP’s and everything will be behind pfsense).

Pfsense has a static address from the Comcast modem. And serves dhcp to anything downstream of it. It runs an openvpn server for remote access to my server network and 4 openvpn client connections to pia in a gateway group for certain vm’s on my server.

Every few days or so my server, the vm’s and the host proxmox will lose internet. Everything behind pfsense communicates with each other fine. Everything that is not my server still has internet but the server can’t. I can ping pfsense from the server and other devices behind pfsense no problem. I can also still VPN into the network. Strictly internet is un-acessable to the server.

Reboot the server. Same problem. Reboot pfsense, same problem. Run the pfsense setup tool and everything starts working again. For another few days.

Any help would be great!

Not an issue that make much sense, are you saying you have to run the pfsense setup wizzard to get the network working again?

Yes, when it happens, im assuming because of my limited knowledge, the only way I can get the server back on the internet is to run the setup wizard. Keep in mind, everything else on the network continues to be able to access the internet and the server can ping pfsense and anything else on the network. Only the internet stops working for the server. This includes the pia openvpn connections as well.

When i run the setup wizard, the internet starts working immediatly for the server.