Server hardware testing, burn in software help requested

I have a server I ordered from Amazon.
Dell PowerEdge R720 Server 2 x 2.60Ghz E5-2670 8C 192GB 8 x 2TB (Renewed)

I’m new at Linux stuff :slight_smile: I haven’t run it that much Just little bit here and there that’s all.

I’m looking for some good or the best server hardware testing, burn in software. What’s the best thing to use?

I want to make sure the System is good before doing anything to it. Has 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

Preferably an ISO file I can burn to a USB boot drive.

And CMD lines to run it, Like I said new in the Linux world…

Going to run XCP-NG on it. Watching Videos on that now and looks like Fun :slight_smile:

Thanks, Darren

You could install Windows and run a million different benchmarks. Also, I would download the Dell ISO for troubleshooting hardware to make sure everything checks out.

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I would go right for loading the intended OS, XCP-NG, build a VM, or even many VM’s and run the Phoronix bench-marking tools.