Server Cluster & Storage


I’m looking to see what way to set this up. I currently have 3 servers. All 3 are identical. But, I was looking to see if I could set them up such as below:

  • 2 Servers for use to host VMs
  • 1 Server has a failover/hot spare

But, more-so, an interface to manage all 3, like Xen Orchestra. (Yes, I know XO is an option, I’m including it in this reference)

But, I’m more struggling which storage. What storage array should I purchase? I want a storage array that can just be attached to the cluster as a whole for VMs and such. Also, how should I connect the storage array?

You can use Synology or TrueNAS as a shared storage.

How would I use it as such? I’ve used TrueNAS before as an iSCSI or SMB, so that part I know. But if I set it up as an iSCSI, it locks to only that machine/device.

For XCP-NG you can use one iSCSI or NFS as a shared storage for the hosts in the resource pool.