Server backups when using XCP-NG/ZFS

First day here, really enjoying all the yt stuff.

@Tom in watching the XCP-NG stuff, it looks as if you guys are using replication for client servers housed on premises. Where Windows Servers are deployed, are you guys also using something like Shadow Protect or Veeam to back them up, or are you just relying on zfs and replication? I ask b/c I see the potential in replication being easier to manage and obviously the cost savings, however I don’t know enough about replication yet to know if it’s able to replace something like the aforementioned products.

Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated!

I wouldn’t say it is easier to manage, but it would be free from a software standpoint. Solutions like Veeam and SP offer multi-tenancy management better than what Xen Orch would be able to provide.

It varies by client, but when using XCP-NG we dump the backups over to a FreeNAS and then upload it to bucket storage.

Awesome, thank you for the info.