Serial Number Tracking


Don’t know if this is the right forum to ask this, but here goes!

I run a small MSP (very small - have about 15 customers), and I need to be able to record serial numbers, warranty start/end dates, supplier and client information for each piece of hardware that I provide (from Netgate devices to Laptops/Desktops/Screens to Printers, etc) - basically anything that comes with a manufacturer warranty / extended warranty option.

I already have self hosted InvoiceNinja, OSTicket, and a raft of other tools that I use (Wazuh, RustDesk, Uptime, etc) and prefer to go down the self hosted route.

Another feature that I’d like to be able to have in it would be to generate Asset Tags for specific clients while recording the serial number …

Do any of you have anything like this?
Or know of anything that can do this?


You could look at SnipeIT. You can host this yourself and it should do everything you are asking for. You can try out a demo too.


GLPI does exactly what you need. It’s advantage over SnipeIT is that you can deploy an agent on the computers and it will collect detailed hardware and software inventory information. Specific agents can be designated to do network discovery and network inventory via SNMP.

I would also recommend GLPI over OSTicket as a service desk for IT environments - it is geared towards ITIL best practices and you can link inventory items to tickets, problems and changes. As an MSP, you can create entities for your different clients to isolate their information (entities are GLPI’s multitenancy mechanism.)

I have to second Snipe-IT as we have been using it for a year now. We have several hundred devices in it and now also use it to manage our software licenses. It has been a game changer!! Especially for a product that is FREE.

Thanks for all of this.
I have downloaded and installed Snipe-IT, and find it excellent.
The fact that it is free, means that it fits my overall model for software, and it manages the different clients easily.