Seperate IP Accessing Freenas

Hi, So i have pfSense on an SG-2220 which is connected with a single port to my network. I have 2 networks:

VLAN 1 = LAN (
VLAN 100 = Wireless (

I have configured unifi to pass the vlan 100 tag to all wireless devices.
I have also configured VLAN100 in freenas and its all accessible with ips &
What im having issues with is either timeout on accessin from the a wireless device on the .3 and for it not trying to connect to the .100 interface. This is all done by accessing via https://freenas.
Can anyone help me and point me into how to block it all.
I have pfsense to allow all traffic via both LAN & VLANs. (This is a tempory set up to start locking down the network there after)

What do you mean timeout error? Can you still access the internet?