Sell me on Fedora CoreOS/Portainer

With the CoreOS end of life announcement, I’m shopping for some new conainerization options for my XCP-ng homelab.

The announcement names Fedora CoreOS as the successor. I’ve never used either, so I’m pretty in the dark on opinions. Also looking at Portainer which looks pretty slick.

  • Is anyone using a working instance in your setup?
  • What are you favorite ways for implementing Docker?

I’m running Heimdall in Portainer, it works, haven’t had any issues.

At least with Portainer you have a GUI where you can see what’s going on, though I’m new to docker so there might be easier ways. Had previously setup my services in VMs, though resources are not a big issue for me.

I run Portainer as well, it makes managing containers a lot easier. Currently, I am running Ubuntu Server 20.04 on a number of Virtual Machines that connect to 1 Portainer instance that host my various docker containers. Though I am moving to Docker Swarm but still plan to use Portainer to help with management as I will be moving to Docker Compose V3 and will probably deploy them outside Portainer and use Portainer for managing the nodes, updates and monitoring the health of both the nodes and the containers and stacks.