Self Hosting/Cloud Hosting Even worth it?


I am thinking of likely doing some hosting for clients possibly. I just don’t know if I should keep cost down and do it form my home at first or just get a quote for a datacenter. I have the ability to have redundant connections at my home (one 1GB other 250MB). I have been looking at Openstack or something close but since I have been using Xen Orchestra since day 1 I think it gives a ton of flexibility in this arena as well.

I welcome any suggestions and thanks for the help.


If you are looking to self-hosting. Do you need to look at where your cost will be at? The cost of the server and power will be using? Then what your upload speed? Are you tell your customer a 24/7 uptime.? Don’t forget about the cost of backing up your system? If the amount of data is little still looking into cloud hosting? That is a quick idea about it. I hope that can help you out.


Agreed anything I do is usually n+1 with offside. My upload speeds are roughly the same a tad faster. My current power is yearly average but that is biggest concern. Uptime is key, I knock on wood haven’t had an outage in my area for 3yrs only reason I’m considering honestly. Thanks so much for feedback.

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What are minimum requirements? Can you provide more details about what will be used it for. Like a web hosting?


Consider your liability hosting customer data. Get the right insurance.

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Absolutely right my friend. Appreciate the support all.