Self hosted website down detector

Hey all,

Does anyone have any ideas for a (preferably) self hosted website down detector type thing. I’m thinking somewhere to enter a domain and watch for anything other than a 200 response or even better to look for specific text on the page AND if the site does not match to send me an email / trigger an API action.

I guess it might not be that hard to actually just write one but I’m really trying to be good and not keep re-inventing the wheel all the time!

Every monitoring solution can handle this.
Check_mk is my favorite - there is also a free version

I did something ages ago in Zabbix for this, you can easily install on a vm but might be overkill for your needs

There is also this project

@Yali0n I’ll take a look at that, thanks for the pointer
@neogrid, hadn’t thought about it like that. Zabbix would be overkill (I think) for this particular use case but I need to play with it anyway so this might be the perfect opportunity
@LTS_Tom, that’s the kind of thing I was thinking.

Thanks for the ideas.

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Zabbix is really easy to install (even on a Raspberry Pi) but takes a bit of effort to work out how to use in an advanced way. I’m trying to suss out an easy way to log my ISP speed hourly so that I can more easily complain :slight_smile:

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