Self Hosted Unifi controller issues with pfsense

Hi Guys,

Having issues setting up client Ubiquiti access points on our build network, the server that hosts the unifi controller is on network 1 and the build network is for this example network 4. When i set the inform url when the ap is on any of our networks it won’t show up in the controller but if I do this from a client site it works straight away.

I know it is something to do with the rules (I think) i have setup a rule to allow any connections from network 4 on all unifi port through to the server on network 1. But still doesn’t work, also setup a split DNS on network 4 so it would use the local ip for the server on network 1. But still the same result.

can anyone point me in the right direction as im a little lost now? The only thing i can see with the logs is a default ipv6 deny rule but doesn’t look like it relates

Thanks for any replies :slight_smile:

If it is working outside and the rules allow both networks to talk then the issue might be either NAT reflection or perhaps the hostname does not resolve properly. SSH into the UniFi devices and try pinging your controller via both IP and hostname to see if it give the proper address.

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initially the networks were completely independent and only network 1 could see network 4. I had setup a rule that any device on network 4 could see the server on network 1 and i could ping this server both on IP address and hostname that i set within the host in DNS not the local hostname. I did however only allow ICMP and the unifi ports that i have set within a Alias.

Additional information**

Moved the VM that hosts the controller onto the build network network 4 and now our AP’s are showing as disconnected. I believe this is the same issue as above but in reverse. I cannot see anything in the logs to point me on where to resolve this. Dont get me wrong i know its definitely something i am doing wrong on the PFsense side bit don’t know where to go from here.