Self Hosted Multi Site Unifi Controller?


Appreciate this video post is quite old, but I am interested in hosting my own self hosted multi-site controller, of which this goes into showing:

Right at the very beginning it explains how a previous post explains how to do it, but on a good hunt around I can’t find it, much like I am struggling to find anything on installing multi-site capability?

Installed the unified controller in the cloud with the misconception it would perhaps give me the option / ability.

Thought I had read that this my longer not be possible and forced into using something like HostFi, but wanted to be sure as would rather host it myself.

Many thanks in advance.

There’s a new checkbox that defaults to Off for Multi-Site capability. I’m not at a computer right now but you should be able to find it within the settings pages of the controller.

That’s was an awesomely quick response, thank you.

Right, found it. Fantastic!

Will give that a play.

Thanks again.