Self Hosted ConnectWise Control / Screenconnect

Is this still an option? I have emailed their sales team, but never hear back.

Tom, how does the pricing compare to their hosted solution?

We currently use the product extensively - but the version ConnectWise hosts.

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As far as I know it’s still an option, not sure what new user pricing is though.

Thanks Tom. I’m going to keep pushing them. Such a great product! Wish it were open source. :slight_smile:

Is it OK to post this here? I hope so. I finally got in touch with the right person:

Mary Domingo
ConnectWise Control

Here is her response:

Thank you for reaching out.
Control self-hosted is a one-time pay solution. The licenses are perpetual and support is included with all licenses at no additional cost. With your licenses, you’ll also receive one year of upgrades and maintenance giving you access to any major or minor releases during that period. At the end of the initial year of maintenance, you have the option to freeze on your last eligible version or you can renew your upgrades for an additional year for 30% of your full license cost.

Control self hosted starts at $3,285 USD - Unlimited users/3 concurrent. You can create as many users as you like, but only 3 at a time can actively be making connections. Each user can make 10 connections to different devices. So you can have 3 users each making 10 connections. Additional licenses(concurrent users) can be added to the package for $1095 per additional user.

And then, my response, in which I asked a question she had already answered, lol.

I see. So, first year that ends being 91.25 per user (considering 3 users), as opposed to $52 (hosted Premium). Second year it pays off by either no cost (if staying with the latest version), or approx 985 for the second year (and each additional one) if upgrading to the latest/greatest. Does this look about right?

What about adding additional concurrent users? Right now we have, I think, 4 via the hosted solution. What is the cost to add additional concurrent users?

Finally, do you know if there is a way to force all already installed (we have 500+) Screenconnect “agents” or endpoints…to connect to a new server address? Or would it be a matter of re-installing on every machine?

Thank you for all of your help,

Hopefully this helps others looking at traveling down the same road, as it is very difficult to find!


@LTS_Tom quick question for you too. I saw your video where you switched to Windows Server for this. Have you been just as happy? Anything you miss (aside from not missing the Windows Server license fee) about the Linux server? And do you know if it REQUIRES Windows Server, or will it run on plain Windows?

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It will run on Windows Server or Windows 10 as it does not have any specific Windows Server dependencies. I still liked Linux better so I could have the reverse proxy along with ScreenConnect on the same system.

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