Seeking best practice on connecting NVR on pfSense VLAN with

I guys I have a dumb question.

I have an NVR connected to a UniFi managed switch. I’m running a VLAN in pfSense for a dedicated SSID for a couple of WIFI cameras. Can someone suggest a best practice for connecting the WIFI cameras to the NVR?

Ex. 1. Program the port on the switch for the VLAN
Ex. 2. Set up a separate network on the Protectlie vault and link the SSID to the second IP Address for the NVR

Here’s my setup.

Protectlie 6 Port Vault running 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1
UniFi Cloud Key – Gen2-Plus
UniFi US-8-60W managed switch
UniFi AP AC Pro
16 Channel 4K NVR (10 wired 4K cameras and 2 WIFI cameras)

Does Tom have a video for this?

Thank you for any suggestions!

Not completely sure of your question, but it sounds like you want to know how you can best securely connect your wifi cams to your network.

My IP cameras are on ethernet, but you might want to consider using 802.1x with FreeRadius on pfSense, then if you have the option to use an OpenVPN connection so the traffic has another layer of encryption.

I use the above basically for my phone and tablet.

Just put the WiFi cameras on the VLAN for the NVR by using an SSID trunked to that VLAN/

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Hi Tom,

It looks like I was having trouble getting the NVR onto the VLAN. I think this should solve it.

Thank you!

Hi neogrid,

Thank you. I don’t think I explained it well. I was having trouble getting the NVR and the two wifi cameras to communicate. All my other cameras are connected via ethernet.

Thank you for your feedback.