Seeking Advice on extremely High-Density Wi-Fi Setup for Phone Refurbishing Facility

Hello everyone,
I’m currently working on a challenging project and would appreciate your insights and experiences. We’re setting up a Wi-Fi network in a phone refurbishing facility where we expect to have up to a thousand devices in a very tight hotspot of 200m² / 2500 square feet

Our Plan:

Network Layout: We plan to break up the 5 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum into 40 MHz wide channels to avoid interference. I’ve calculated that we should have 9 non-overlapping channels in this band in our region (Europe) availabl .

Access Points: We’ll deploy a significant number of access points (APs) in very close proximity but on completely different channels for efficient distribution of client devices. The U6 Enterprise’s have been chosen due to multiple antennas to enhance connectivity through MIMO technology in the hotspot

Hardware Selection: Our setup includes a UniFi-based system with a DreamMachine Pro, connected to an aggregation switch with 8 SFP+ ports, and 4 Pro Max 24 port PoE switches. (if we can get them) Our internet has a 1 Gbit uplink.

AP Distribution: U6 Pro (or U7 Pro – we are still debating) APs will be used in less dense areas, while U6 Enterprise APs will be dedicated to the high-density zone.


While this setup should work in theory, I have not tested it in such a high-density environment. My main concern is whether the closely placed APs on different channels might still interfere with each other or if there are other unforeseen issues in a practical scenario.

Seeking Your Feedback:

  1. Is our theory of using smaller the usual channels combined with more APs in close proximity valid?
  2. Has anyone implemented a similar setup in a high-density environment?
  3. Are there potential pitfalls or challenges I should be aware of?
  4. Any suggestions on optimizing AP placement and channel distribution?
  5. Which Roaming settings do you suggest using in the advanced wifi settings?
  6. Advice on monitoring and adjusting the network post-implementation?

I’d be grateful for any feedback, advice, or shared experiences that could help us refine our approach and ensure a successful implementation.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!