Security cert recommendations

Hey guys,

I’ve been working in IT for about 20 years (currently a lvl2 tech for a MSP) in Sydney, Australia. I want to transition into cyber security. Thinking more blue team at this stage. Been researching into security for a while, listened to all the how they got hacked (obviously), darknet diaries, hacking humans, cyberwire, getting into info sec (and others) and setting up a test lab to understand how things work. Finding it hard to find a job in security. Just wondering if there are any certificates you recommend getting to get that foot in the door.

I’ve been going through ITPro.TV CompTIA Security + course. Is this good way into the industry or do you recommend something else?

I know it seems obvious, but find the jobs you are looking for, see what certs are needed and get them. But remember, one of the challenges is that because this is really a job title that is relatively new many companies don’t have the simplest or concise hiring methods for the positions. on demand learning but expensive. They have the best people teaching.

BTW, I got certified with Comptia Security+. Seems like it’s only the beginning. So much to learn. Want to get CISSP next, but being pulled in so many different directions with things to learn.

CISSP or if you want to be a stud get the OSCP.