Security Camera Choice In UK

Hi all,
Im in the market for 3 Security Cameras (2 x POE & 1 x Wireless) based in the UK.
Ill be connecting to a QNAP NAS.

Any questions please ask

Well I can say I bought some Trendnet IP cams almost 10 years ago, they are still going strong no physical device issues.

  • TV-IP662PI
  • TV-IP342PI
  • TV-IP321PI
    These models are no longer supported, so I’ve stuck 'em on their own vlan and blocked WAN access. These models can be configured in Firefox but to see footage while configuring you need Internet Explorer.

Viewing the streams via the QNAP apps work well, no issues on my laptop or mobile.

I wouldn’t have any problems buying trendnet again, hopefully now their firmware has been updated to fully work on firefox. I’ve seen good things written about Hikvision too.

The email notification is a bit hit or miss on the unit, Google was working before then stopped, now one cam just won’t connect to my email provider (GMX) whereas the others do.

Cheers. Will look into there new line up.
Been looking at at some reolink & hikvisions at the Moment