Security/Asset Scanning 2 Networks

I have a potential client that has two different businesses located next door to each other. I am doing a site discovery this week and part of that discovery is an asset/vulnerability scan. Each of the businesses has its own ISP modem and are not connected to one another.

I have never tried to do this before, but would it be realistic for me to wire my scanner to one of his business’s networks and then connect wirelessly to his other business’s network and then bridge them together in my Windows 10 network connections so that I could scan both networks at the same time?

I’ve never tried to kill two birds with one stone like this before, but I thought I would check and see what you all thought? Of course, I don’t want to cause any issues to my client’s networks so if this would be detrimental to everything, I won’t do it. It would save me the time of having to perform two different scans.

My scanner is running on a Windows 10 Intel NUC. It has both an ethernet port and wireless adapter.

I would not do this for the long term, but thought it might be a possibility for a site discovery?


First you don’t need to bridge the networks to scan them. Assuming they use different subnets your system will know what NIC to use since they will be local networks. If both networks use the same IP range you’ll have to do them one at a time.

Thanks a lot for the reply!