Securing cables to external WiFi bridge devices

We are looking at setting up a WiFi bridge between our building and a new space across the street. I am of course concerned about the unsecured connections at the bridge being potential security risks.

It seems to me that anyone that can gain access to the AP Bridge device will potentially have access to everything on the vlan. How do you protect networks from physical breaches with external wiring?

We are thinking of using Unifi UBB-US bridge kit. Is there a better solution for short distance ~75-100’?

Thanks in advance, love your videos.

You use encryption on the wireless bridge and you can lock it each of them to the MAC address of each unit to the other to further up the security of the devices.

I was expecting that the wireless bridge would be pretty secure by default. I assume that you mean securing the bridge to 1:1 by settings MACs on each end, that is a good tip that seems easy to implement.

I am mostly concerned about the cable being vulnerable for disconnection and illicit reuse especially on the AP end. I don’t expect I could set a MAC filter on the switches that the Bridge units connect to as that would prevent traffic to everything but the bridge itself. Could we protect the network with a VPN? I can’t figure out how I would do that without losing access to the Bridge units.

You might want to look up 802.1x and RADIUS, you can secure network connections with a username / password / 2FA.

You can also run an OpenVPN server and just connect to it for connections over that wire, I use that for my internal wifi.