Securing a home network

What would be the best product for securing a home network, mostly worried about random ware, and other types of attacks and having some sort of quarantine for suspected devices. Kind of looking for a dedicated piece of hardware, but needing to run it on a server is fine too, I have a lab and could use one of them for this.

Take a look at it’s a real ball buster to figure out but I believe it will give you what you want, I’m still doing battle with it so am quite far from knowing it.

You will need a mirror port on your switch and at least two ports for either the VM or physical box then you’re good to go.

Untangle offers some filtering and site blocking, but no firewall does as good a job as proper end point protection software and keeping systems patched does.

“Best” is a very relative term in this space. You could run a pfSense firewall with Snort or Suricata, with the free subscriptions and be doing more than most small businesses.

So it is really all about time, money, effort and what is good enough for you.