Searching for compact, top-loading SSD backplane

Hi forum people,

for my home server I am on the lookout for a way to mount up to eight 2.5" SSDs in my 4U chassis. I’d like them to be easily swappable, so I thought it would be nice if they could just be slotted in from the top. Cf. the Stornado by 45drives

or this storage server by SuperMicro (although, of course, for 2.5" drives).

And of course I only need and have space for 8 drives next to each other. A complete cage for this that can be screwed or stuck into the chassis would be ideal, but just a backplane alone would get me started at least. Because so far I haven’t found anything that would meet my needs. Connection wise I was thinking two SFF-8087 sockets, one per group of four drives. Here is a mockup of how I expect the backplane might look:

Would be interesting to know if something like this exists, so please leave a reply if you know of something even remotely fitting! Thanks.

I found this which goes in the right direction, but ultimately would probably still be too much effort to get to fit because this is not designed to sit flat on the bottom of the chassis.