Seagate Ironwolf or WD RED+ drives in Truenas?

I need some new drives in a storage unit at work, budget is tight so getting the HGST drives may be difficult. Looking at Ironwolf 2tb drives for a 4 drive array, will need to buy 5 of them to have one for a spare.

Also thinking about WD RED+ drives, again cost is a concern and I’ve had the previous generation of RED CMR drives running for a while in one NAS with no issues.

Both the Ironwolf and RED+ are half the price of the HGST that I would prefer.

I have a handful of Ironwolf drives, they have all worked well.

+1 to @LTS_Tom opinion. We’ve deployed ~100 Ironwolf’s across dozens of NAS’ with an almost zero failure rate. We have had far less luck with RED+ drives.

Thanks. I’ll see where the best price per unit is and see what I can beg to get.