ScreenConnect Unreachable

Hey Everyone,

Strange one for ya.

We use a cloud hosted ScreenConnect and has really been flawless, until yesterday. Now I’m not sure whos issue this actually is and what I can do about it. It seems my upstate location with about 100 machines is unable to reach the hosted instance, they’ll come online for 10-15 maybe an hour and then off again. Actually this morning I thought it was resolved I saw they were online for 3.5 hours.

We have our site to site still working so I can confirm that the VM’s are online and nothing appears to be wrong with them. All of the desktops and laptops at the location are off and on as well.

From the location I am unable to periodically ping the address of the server and then when I am the machines will come up for X amount of time, only to go off again. I have a fresh VM not connected to the domain and using public DNS still with the same issue. Performed traceroutes and it is definitely failing somewhere along the line.

As I write this they are online so I am getting two traceroute screenshots, one when they’re on and one when they’re off. See attached.

I can confirm our other location on Long Island is 100% fine. Broken location is just outside Syracuse


Broke YO